Cyber Stronghold combines our Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis service with a leading edge Cybersecurity hardware provider, Fortinet, that we are an authorized reseller for. The advantage of Cyber Stronghold is that it is a simultaneous, comprehensive, external and internal analysis of your Cybersecurity infrastructure. You will be able to gauge your Security Productivity, and Performance.

A 360° Risk Analysis of Your Cybersecurity Posture


• How effective is your current network security solution?
• How are applications and web resources used within your network?
• How should your network security solution be optimized for performance?


Depending on your organization and security needs, testing will consist of:
Remote Penetration Testing
• Web Application Testing
• Cloud Based Email Analysis
• Wireless Network Tests
• Social Engineering Assessment


Internal Analysis

Our internal analysis involves monitoring your network traffic passively while a baseline of information is gathered. Typically the internal analysis includes security logging including IPS, anti-virus, web and application control. We utilize Fortinet as our technology solution provider and the Fortigate firewall as our method of monitoring network traffic.


This test is run for up to 30 days. Once complete, a report is generated. The inter-nal analysis report is divided into three primary sections: Security and Threat Prevention, User Productivity, and Network Utilization and Performance. Obtaining a Cyber Threat Assessment Report will give you unmatched insight into your current security posture and network activity. You will almost certainly learn something new.


Additional option: Email Risk Assessment Report. Security, Productivity, Utilization. Any threats observed within this report have bypassed your existing email security solution, so they should be considered active and potentially dangerous. Although you may have moved to cloud-based email infrastructure, utilization statistics can be valuable in a number of ways, they can be used to compare your email utilization against industry norms.


External Analysis

Our external analysis consists of Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis. Unlike automated system scans, penetration (or pen) testing is a “real-world” test of your organization’s security posture. Our security experts who “think like hackers,” test your security controls, policies, and procedures and validate your resistance to actual vulnerabilities.


You’ll receive a comprehensive report that details all known vulnerabilities, provides steps for remediation, and that serves a validation of compliance.


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