Cyber Fortress is a Dynamic Density Control platform that can be deployed at our data center, or bolted-on to an existing data center to provide variable density support for any workload.

The advantage of a Cyber Fortress is that they are flexible, with no limitations, they can power up to 52kW, they are water cooled, and have fire suppression. They are NEMA 3 to NEMA 4 enclosures that can be deployed in locations not normally suited for data center use.


The DDC Cabinet Technology Portfolio
• Address challenges with energy efficiency, density, security
• Install outside of restrictive data center environments
• Provides affordable, exible, and efficient solutions
• Solves pervasive infrastructure issues
• Provides freedom to choose any hardware, in any environment
• Has the reliability needed to ensure successful IT outcomes


Our DDC Enabled Data Centers
• Multiple data centers located around the country
• The most secure, flexible, and future-proofed colocation sites in North America
• Guaranteed environmental control and surgical temperature and airflow management
• Better return on overall investment than in any other Data Center.
KNCSS Red White and Blue Glove Service
• Installation, Configuration, and Ongoing Managed Services Available


Key Benefits
• Faster Time-to-Market
• Energy Efficiency
• Enhanced Security
• Lower CapEx / OpEx Costs
• Precise Air Fl ow / CFM Management
• Modular Design Supports Scalable Growth
• Ruggedized / Outdoor Capabilities
• S-Series Cabinets Fit Any Depth Hardware
• Ultra-Low Maintenance Requirements

Three Main Designs, Many Options


$34,000 MSRP

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  • 52kW
  • 45 Unit Rack Space
  • 24 x 72 x 116.5 (in)
  • 3500 cfm
  • 12 Months Parts Warranty


$69,995 MSRP Starting Price

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  • 5.8-11kW
  • 42 Unit Rack Space
  • 95 x 47 x 64 (in)
  • 675 CFM
  • 12 Months Parts Warranty


$39,995 MSRP Starting Price

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  • 20kW-80kW
  • 42 Unit Rack Space
  • 95 x 30.5 x 75 (in)
  • 1,750 - 4,700 CFM
  • 12 Months Parts Warranty