Cyber Citadel


Cyber Citadel is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solution that provides a private cloud, along with storage and your hardware co-located in our data center.

What are the key Benefits?
• Control – Your platform, your rules
• Security & Privacy – Dedicated resources meet strict privacy requirements
• Rapid Provisioning – Cloud ready in days or hours, instead of weeks
• Flexibility – Freedom to run any hypervisor, OS, or application you require
• Scalability - Quickly add compute, memory, and storage resources as needed
• Performance Predictability – No noisy neighbor or resource contention issues
• Operational Cost Model – Reduce CapEx spending spikes
• Customization – Tune specific resources to custom to your application
• Worry Free – We handle all platform, hardware, and integration issues
• 24/7/365 – Remote hardware configuration support


What are the key features?
• Dedicated cloud compute resources
• Platform for virtualized workloads
• Clients manage applications, we manage the virtualization, hardware, and network layers
• Deployed in 100% dedicated fashion or as shared storage, networking, or security/traffic management services
• Additional cloud resources are available when needed
• Drastically reduce IT overhead by offloading server configuration, platform, network, and storage management
• Deployments can be custom-tuned to meet specific performance or compliance requirements


KNCSS Red White and Blue Glove Service
• Installation, Configuration, and Ongoing Managed Services Available


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